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Sunday, 3 May 2009


So while i was away i figured 4 ways to keep my hair moisturised continously withoout actually having to put moisturiser in it everyday so i don't get greasy hair. here goes....

Twists at night

(reduces drying out that leads eventually to frizziness)

Alltime Silkscarf @ night

(seals in moisture)

water spritzing

(keeps hair soft )

reduce heat application on hair anyhow possible

(trust me it does a lot of drying up)

will tell you more when i figure them out


It's  been a while since I updated my blog. I guess i just haven't been in the "zone" for a while. So while i was away i tried to get as much pictures of my hair as possible. I did a kinky twist and then took it out after about 7 weeks. Yup 7!!! didn't want to redo my hair since it took me 5hrs to do it by myself the other time.

Anyway I still use my Amla oil. I 've now got a conditioner  made of sweet almond & coconut. I also use Vo5 Moisture Milks shampoo. Its has soy milk proteins and melon extracts. I also have an Izzi Gro shampoo which i use as's really good although it does not lather as leaves you with a tingling sensation just like every tea tree product does. I decided to make my own hair spritz a while ago and below are the ingredients


  • Almond & coconut conditioner
  • Amla Hair oil
  • spring water
  • olive oil spray

It was just a random mixture i made so you can make up your own depending on what you feel will work for your hair. its a pretty good one as it helped out with my extremely dried up hair a few days back when i decided to straighten my hair. Just shake up the container to mix the oil with each use

Above is a style i tried while i was away 
(I've actually learnt a lot since i decided to keep my hair natural) Check out the glossiness in the hair. 
Love it!!!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


So yesterday i came home from school and decided to do my usual twists so that my hair doesn't dry at night (one of da habits that is gradually growing on me). i moisturised it with my shea butter lotion and my lock gro cream. I covered it with my silk scarf then i felt a bit of an itch so i was like enough is enough im gonna wash ma hair now. Initially i didnt want to coz i was thinking it would shrink like always. But then i gave in and washed it out with my Izzi Gro shampoo made of tea tree. I could feel the tingle in ma hair which is basically the tea tree causing a better blood circulation in ma hair so that my hair will be stimulated to grow better. It sounds good right?Firstly i washed ma hair with lemon and warm water as a hair clarifier to remove the product build up ( i learnt dis from urbancurlz) So i massaged ma hair with my barcarbonate of soda & honey conditioner which i made a week ago. i had been looking at it for ages lol. I washed it after 3mins then i massaged ma Amla hair oil into it waited for abt 45mins then washed it out finally with my shampoo. My hair had shrunk predictably lol. but i quickly towel dried it and applied ma shea butter and lock gro in it in sections whiles twisting at the same time...didn't want it to become too dry. So this morning i did a frohawk after undoing ma twists and then bamm i was in school

Saturday, 31 January 2009


I just thought that it would be a good idea to compare pictures of my natural hair in the previous year with those of this year. I finally took out my braids last night. It lasted for 2 months and a few weeks. I picked a strand of my hair which had fallen out and stretched it out and realised it is way stronger, thicker and darker than the previous year...and looks way better than when i had my hair relaxed. i am quite glad about that. Ok so last year i used to whisk egg with a bit of olive oil and then massage through my hair. I once added Yoghurt to it as well but i never continued with that because i ended up eating the yoghurt instead loli'm thinking that it has been a contributing factor to my hair's strength now so i'm sure im going to continue to use it now...So here are my hair pics for 2008...:)

Friday, 30 January 2009

Last hair product

So yesterday i went to an african shop to get me hair braids coz my braids have lasted for about 2months and a week or more. Pretty long right. Anyway i went to get 2 afro kinky hair braids for £5.99 each; not sure if they will be enough. I'm planning on braiding my hair on my own this time cz i lost enough on the front the last time i did it in a salon and i checked the price and realised i spent about £450 a year on my hair so no more cz i could buy a car with it if i saved it for 2yrs lol...So i've become a bit obsessed with my hair. I undid one of the braids a day before and then i kept on twisting and untwisting and staring at it each time, couldn't help it but it's grown quite a bit as well. So i went to the shop to get another shampoo. Izzi Gro for £4.99. It helps with dry itchy scalp Quite expensive that is. So i massaged a bit of shea butter lotion in my hair last 2 nights; It's really soothing and moisturising. i checked ma hair products yesternight and i've realised i have enough of them now so i'm just gonna try and see how it goes with them... no more buying of hair products :)

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Nu hair products

Today i'm quite happy because i'm on holiday so no work :). 
I went shopping with my dad today and i saw this product called "Dabur Amla hair oil". My Indian friend told me the Indians used it to promote hair growth a long time ago. As soon as i saw it i was like I've heard of this before so i decided to get it.

Anyway, i haven't started using it yet so if i do i will tell you about it. Its basically this green oil made of Amla (indian gooseberry). It's massaged in the hair and left for an hour then washed with a good shampoo.
Ok so i used to use the natural shea butter when i was young. We used to melt it then use it but i didn't know it was that good (as i hear now) and now i heard that its really good because of it's moisturising property. 

I got some it on friday and i have only started using it. It's from the ORGANIC ROOT STIMULATOR and its called shea butter softening hair & scalp lotion. This is my first time of using it so i'm hoping it will be good. I also got some Jamaican mango and lime LOCK GRO. It smells minty so i'm assuming it will work wonders.. Anyway those are the hair products i got this week so.... will tell you about my progress soon.

Saturday, 10 January 2009


Hello Guys,
My name is Trudie and here is my little hair story I'd like to share with you.
When i was young i realised that girls always relaxed their hair when they finished their senior yearr in my country so i thought it was just part of getting into the womanhood stage. When i moved to the UK i found out there was a totally different reason why most girls relaxed their hair..

(Either too nappy, want the sleek beautiful straight hair and all sorts of reasons). I had my first relaxer here then when i found out about the damaging effects i regretted but it was too late plus i had to spend money getting relaxers each time.

The last time i had my hair relaxed was the day for my year 11 prom in 2007. I had a really nice hair cut but i knew i wasn't going for the prom because i would've been on my own that day 
(all my friends decided not to go after we had been making plans since year 10) but i had my hair done anyway.
I figured if i wasn't going for the prom the prom was going come to me lol.
Anyways my sister gave me money to get my hair done so i relaxed it. The hair dresser told me my hair was pretty thin (which i already knew) and there was breakage in the front which i am sure was a result of the relaxers i had used earlier. The process hurt as always but it came out looking pretty good. I asked for tips on what to do to keep my hair healthy and i heard it all not knowing that a year and 7 months down the line I would have natural hair...
so here i am today.
I have tried a lot of hair products but they don't seem to work really well on ma hair so I've decided to do a blog so that i can document the progress of my hair as the year goes by.
Join me will you?
Love Trudie.