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Saturday, 31 January 2009


I just thought that it would be a good idea to compare pictures of my natural hair in the previous year with those of this year. I finally took out my braids last night. It lasted for 2 months and a few weeks. I picked a strand of my hair which had fallen out and stretched it out and realised it is way stronger, thicker and darker than the previous year...and looks way better than when i had my hair relaxed. i am quite glad about that. Ok so last year i used to whisk egg with a bit of olive oil and then massage through my hair. I once added Yoghurt to it as well but i never continued with that because i ended up eating the yoghurt instead loli'm thinking that it has been a contributing factor to my hair's strength now so i'm sure im going to continue to use it now...So here are my hair pics for 2008...:)


  1. I looove the hair!!
    They're so healthy!

  2. thanx girl...i'm hoping it grow even more by summer...uuh dat wud be awesomne!!!!


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