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Saturday, 17 January 2009

Nu hair products

Today i'm quite happy because i'm on holiday so no work :). 
I went shopping with my dad today and i saw this product called "Dabur Amla hair oil". My Indian friend told me the Indians used it to promote hair growth a long time ago. As soon as i saw it i was like I've heard of this before so i decided to get it.

Anyway, i haven't started using it yet so if i do i will tell you about it. Its basically this green oil made of Amla (indian gooseberry). It's massaged in the hair and left for an hour then washed with a good shampoo.
Ok so i used to use the natural shea butter when i was young. We used to melt it then use it but i didn't know it was that good (as i hear now) and now i heard that its really good because of it's moisturising property. 

I got some it on friday and i have only started using it. It's from the ORGANIC ROOT STIMULATOR and its called shea butter softening hair & scalp lotion. This is my first time of using it so i'm hoping it will be good. I also got some Jamaican mango and lime LOCK GRO. It smells minty so i'm assuming it will work wonders.. Anyway those are the hair products i got this week so.... will tell you about my progress soon.


  1. I uesd to love amla oil! It really does help promote hair growth. I don't know why I stopped using it!

  2. wow too badd. I'm glad sum1 confirmed dat it's good now i am confident it will work


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