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Friday, 30 January 2009

Last hair product

So yesterday i went to an african shop to get me hair braids coz my braids have lasted for about 2months and a week or more. Pretty long right. Anyway i went to get 2 afro kinky hair braids for £5.99 each; not sure if they will be enough. I'm planning on braiding my hair on my own this time cz i lost enough on the front the last time i did it in a salon and i checked the price and realised i spent about £450 a year on my hair so no more cz i could buy a car with it if i saved it for 2yrs lol...So i've become a bit obsessed with my hair. I undid one of the braids a day before and then i kept on twisting and untwisting and staring at it each time, couldn't help it but it's grown quite a bit as well. So i went to the shop to get another shampoo. Izzi Gro for £4.99. It helps with dry itchy scalp Quite expensive that is. So i massaged a bit of shea butter lotion in my hair last 2 nights; It's really soothing and moisturising. i checked ma hair products yesternight and i've realised i have enough of them now so i'm just gonna try and see how it goes with them... no more buying of hair products :)

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