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Tuesday, 10 February 2009


So yesterday i came home from school and decided to do my usual twists so that my hair doesn't dry at night (one of da habits that is gradually growing on me). i moisturised it with my shea butter lotion and my lock gro cream. I covered it with my silk scarf then i felt a bit of an itch so i was like enough is enough im gonna wash ma hair now. Initially i didnt want to coz i was thinking it would shrink like always. But then i gave in and washed it out with my Izzi Gro shampoo made of tea tree. I could feel the tingle in ma hair which is basically the tea tree causing a better blood circulation in ma hair so that my hair will be stimulated to grow better. It sounds good right?Firstly i washed ma hair with lemon and warm water as a hair clarifier to remove the product build up ( i learnt dis from urbancurlz) So i massaged ma hair with my barcarbonate of soda & honey conditioner which i made a week ago. i had been looking at it for ages lol. I washed it after 3mins then i massaged ma Amla hair oil into it waited for abt 45mins then washed it out finally with my shampoo. My hair had shrunk predictably lol. but i quickly towel dried it and applied ma shea butter and lock gro in it in sections whiles twisting at the same time...didn't want it to become too dry. So this morning i did a frohawk after undoing ma twists and then bamm i was in school

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