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Sunday, 3 May 2009


It's  been a while since I updated my blog. I guess i just haven't been in the "zone" for a while. So while i was away i tried to get as much pictures of my hair as possible. I did a kinky twist and then took it out after about 7 weeks. Yup 7!!! didn't want to redo my hair since it took me 5hrs to do it by myself the other time.

Anyway I still use my Amla oil. I 've now got a conditioner  made of sweet almond & coconut. I also use Vo5 Moisture Milks shampoo. Its has soy milk proteins and melon extracts. I also have an Izzi Gro shampoo which i use as's really good although it does not lather as leaves you with a tingling sensation just like every tea tree product does. I decided to make my own hair spritz a while ago and below are the ingredients


  • Almond & coconut conditioner
  • Amla Hair oil
  • spring water
  • olive oil spray

It was just a random mixture i made so you can make up your own depending on what you feel will work for your hair. its a pretty good one as it helped out with my extremely dried up hair a few days back when i decided to straighten my hair. Just shake up the container to mix the oil with each use

Above is a style i tried while i was away 
(I've actually learnt a lot since i decided to keep my hair natural) Check out the glossiness in the hair. 
Love it!!!

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