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Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Hello everyone,
Just thought it'd be nice to update my blog, coz i haven't done it in such a loooong time (and i mean long)!!...Been too busy with Uni work.
Anyway I've done quite a few hairstyles and i thought why not, might as well show u. so here goes!
It's quite long but i always wanted one yet didn't wanna pay for it; costs £60 (lol i'm too tight sometimes) so I figured might as well do it myself.
After 4 days and 41/2 packs of expression hair braids it was finally done.

hair extension colours=  1, 1B, & 33

Seems quite stupid but i cut them shorter after a week coz i jst couldn't handle the weight (some of us have very small heads lol) + the heat (summer)


  1. I like that u wanna do a blog update on your natural hair?:)

  2. I'll take my braids out in June so I'll do an update then... :-)

  3. You used 41 pack too do your hair ? :O


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