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Thursday, 16 June 2011

aphogee and sulphur 8

Just recently i found that i had too much flakiness in my hair. I used olive oil shampoo and conditioner but with time the flakiness returned. I had decided to just stick to a few products but I needed to do something about my scalp so I went to get some sulfur 8 shampoo (£2.99) and i chose to treat my hair with Aphogee 2 step protein treatment (£5.99). I heard aphogee is quite good bcz it contains keratin; a protein essential for hair growth...

I washed my hair with the sulfur 8, treated with aphogee, waited for a while and blow dried. The hair hardened which i was forewarned  and i rinsed it out without combing through to prevent breakage.

The flakiness reduced with the sulfur 8. I'm still waiting to see the result of the aphogee treatment in a month's time coz i have a weave in now.

My hair after wash and treatment (total shrinkage) 

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

My ideal hair products

I was just watching beautiful brown babydoll's video about her weightloss and hair growth and i just thought about the ideal ingredients i would include in my hair product if i were to have my way

Here's my list

Shea Butter- (moisturises and detangles hair)
olive oil
coconut oil
rose water +glycerine - (nice smell)
yoghurt +mango= (love them both)
lemon- clarify
aloe vera

of course this might probably not be a good idea to combine them all but each on it's own will give a brilliant result. But you may never know...they might work well together...hmm I should start making my own hair products shouldn't I?