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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

My ideal hair products

I was just watching beautiful brown babydoll's video about her weightloss and hair growth and i just thought about the ideal ingredients i would include in my hair product if i were to have my way

Here's my list

Shea Butter- (moisturises and detangles hair)
olive oil
coconut oil
rose water +glycerine - (nice smell)
yoghurt +mango= (love them both)
lemon- clarify
aloe vera

of course this might probably not be a good idea to combine them all but each on it's own will give a brilliant result. But you may never know...they might work well together...hmm I should start making my own hair products shouldn't I?


  1. have u got the rose water...i need some....u shld start ur own hair line...sounds goood....get on it...the future is today!!!!

  2. haven't got 1...wz thinkin of gettin 1 da other i cudn't bring myself to pay 4 it so i chose not 2...(i knw..too tight)..we'll see abt da hair line with time


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