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Friday, 19 August 2011

My Baby!!

So i wz thinking of wat 2 blog abt next as usual & I went thru my STUCK!!! update. The ideas included OOTD, accessories, holiday essentials, shoe collection & others. Since I haven't been on any holiday this year, i figured it'd be nice to talk abt my latest fashion accessory...BAGS...

Been wanting to talk abt this but I've jst been 2 lazy to do it lol...Anyway, my sister went 4 a babysitting job a while ago & earned £30. So her & I decided 2 go to charity shops (it wz more of my idea....never  gd lol)

She found some really nice brown wedges, sandal & other stuff all under a fiver each. Meanwhile I had roamed thru almost da whole shop lukin 4 sumen 2 get 4 myself...(by dis time i wz slightly getting worried lol). To cut a long story short I found a beautiful brown leather bag hanging on a rack.. I jst rashed like noone's business to grab it b4 any1 cud get it's my new baby...Love it...Hope u do too..

Ps: It was £10...we finished da £30 by da end of da day...tut tut tut
Advice...stay away from charity shops...they r too awesome....wink!!


  1. I'm gonna steal this bag when uni starts...beware!!!!!


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