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Monday, 12 December 2011

Honey where's the cinnamon!

Okay enough with the cheesy titles lol...I just made an impromptu face mask no. 2...and thought I would share with you once again.


I finished my huge mango today and I thought why not

rub the peels and the seed on my face
So I did and I found

my housemate's cinnamon and poured a small amount in my palm and rubbed it gently all over my face

Then I remembered that

I have some honey in the fridge so I thought why not add that one too ...

making use of what I have.

Will wipe it off in 15mins with a warm, wet cloth

Found out that
Honey and cinnamon have antiseptic properties 

so I guess it'll be beneficial...hmm waiting for the beautiful results soon...smells beautiful by the way


  1. your skin better look good by the time you get home:)

  2. love it!!!


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