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Sunday, 11 December 2011

My Face Ate My Breakfast!!!

Ok so I my housemate left today and he said I should take good care of myself so I thought I'd start doing that again since being busy has left me not caring as much about appearance as I used to. Anyway, I just remembered that I used to make natural recipe's for my hair and my face a few years back when I began my natural hair journey so I thought ...why not go back to them... since they seemed to be helpful looking back at them. So I decided to make an oat porridge mask for my face...(Hence the title: My face ate my breakfast)'s nothing special but I thought it's be nice to share with you guys.

Oat porridge face mask
1. Instant Oat
2. Honey
3. Milk

Stir up and warm for a minute or until the mixture is even like your oat breakfast
Allow to cool for a bit
apply mask to face and leave to dry (roughly 20mins)

Wipe off with a wet, warm clean cloth...
Your face should feel clean and moisturised + U'll feel like u did something good by pampering yourself like I did
Enjoy your breakfast/facefast (get it lol!)

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