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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

How To Walk In High Heels

"One of the keys to walking in heels is a good, strong, solid posture"

Ok so I came across misssunshinesparkle's post on "How to walk in high heels" and Ithought I'd share. A few weeks back, I was speaking to my sister about the fact that I thought high heels were beautiful yet didn't prefer them. And this is all because of the fact that they usually are uncomfortable to wear, thus if you are not an expert at them.

Sometimes I see the most beautiful shoes in shops but then I find myself not even bothering to try them on because of the fact that I've experienced pain with this "species" of shoes several times and I think at some point I just got fed up with feeling the "pain" so I thought I'd give them up.

So here's the deal, she writes about this novel "walking in high heels" and as the name suggests, it's about "heels" + other girly stuff like wearing I thought maybe I'll buy myself one and see a few things I could learn from it. Besides, girly books/ movies/ music or anything girly in fact is always fun so why not....just saying :-)

Would love to know your thoughts on shoes... Are you a "heel" or a "flat" person


  1. I can do both depending on my outfit...but my tip is wear heels for a short or sneak flats as back up incase your feet starts to hurt or invest in flats that will speak for your outfit or even a wedge(now thats a brilliant choice)

    1. yh i like the idea of the wedge and flat as well. They definitely are more comfortable lol...

  2. Just like Matilda, I can do both depending on my outfit and event. Also, I'd say, dont waste your money on that book. I have a copy and it seriously isnt all that. I also always have a pair of slippers as back up when wearing heels.


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