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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Me loves Honey Dame!!!

I just came across this brilliant writer honeydame1 and I figured I'd put up a post about her just to recognise her.. She's our fellow Nigerian located in NYC and her posts are very interesting to read. I'm glad I came across her today..
Feel free to visit her page. You'll enjoy her posts!!!


  1. This is so cute. Me kinda love Honeydame too. What's not to love, smart, funny, down to earth, ok, let me disappear before someone's head explodes *wink*

    Nice blog you got here too

    1. thanks...lool i guess i'm not the only one here that thinks that too

  2. OMG!!!! I cant believe that I didnt see this before... I am soo humbled! I really am. Thanks for the shoutout. I followed your link from your comments on my blog and decided to look through your posts......I am really humbled. Thanks

    As for u, Toin! Tomorrow is another day.


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