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Monday, 24 December 2012


It's been a while since I've done a post on here. I hope everyone has been doing well so far. It's officially 6 days to the end of the year and the reason for the season has finally arrived; the birth of Jesus our Saviour.

Let's all enjoy every minute of the day as we reminisce on the wonderful things God has done so greatly in our lives during the year. So to set it off, here are a list of a few things I'd like to bless God for this year in a bid to follow my own advice on having an attitude of gratitude to God at all times

A little thanksgiving prayer- Counting my blessings one by one
Lord we rejoice in the thought that you care for us deeply and genuinely each day and you have brought us thus far.
Thank you for the gift of life and meeting our every need.
Thank you for favour and divine blessings.
Thank you for seeing us through every struggle this year.
Thank you for our families and the joys you have restored in our lives.
Thank you for our jobs and finances
Thank you for the lessons you have taught us this year through our experiences.
Thank you for strength and health.
Thank you for friends.
Thank you for all you've done and will continue to do in Jesus Name Amen!!!
Merry christmas everyone- Feliz Navidad a todos.
I hope you enjoy every minute of today with the people God has surrounded you with.

Hablaremos mas tarde- talk to you later
Adios- goodbye

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  1. I pray you and your family have a bless Christmas
    xo Cel


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