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Thursday, 11 April 2013

10,000 reasons to hope in a teary situation

Have you ever asked God for help with an issue and not fully liked it when He gave you the answer?
That is how I've felt of late but I'm sure God knows best.
Of late I've found myself crying randomly. I mean it used to happen at first but I've been getting more teary with time. Sometimes I tend to think it's just hormones, other times I'm not sure what it is. I was telling my sister the other time that I wondered why women tend to cry so quickly and easily.
Anyway today I was listening to one of Jesus culture's conventions on youtube and the minister said "God is raising a generation of hope releasers and that we have been brought up to bring hope to a world where there isn't hope. But the hope releaser finds himself losing hope as well and most at times it is the enemy trying to counteract what God has said by trying to steal our hope because he always does the opposite of what God says. She also made a statement about how we sometimes find ourselves crying for no reason. Sometimes there are reasons why but we just can't fully express it to others because we never find the full comfort that we desire even when we mouth it out to people. I've felt like that many times and so all I'll do is just cry instead just to let it all out. But then the reassuring words I heard from the minister was" Our tears are an intercession and God is pulling us into his presence and breaking through something that is really big.
She also made mention of Exodus 13 where God repeats a few times that "By sheer strength, the eternal will bring you out". A sign of hope to me and to whoever is going through a teary situation and can't fully pinpoint what the issue is.
Here's a song that hopefully will bring a bit of joy and hope to your souls as you listen and sing along


  1. Sometimes I get so mad at myself for crying so easily, lol. But sometimes crying seems like part of the "letting go" process. The words you quoted are powerful. God is faithful. But sometimes when things don't go as we espected, we question Him and fin it hard to trust. Believe me, I know trusting God's perfect plan sometimes is hard. I guess that's why lately I remind myself of Jeremiah 29:11 and Romans 28:8 when I get "teary". Hang in there, God understands and He knows what He's doing.

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