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Friday, 14 February 2014


Good morning guys... It's 4am in the morning in England just now and today is officially my birthday. Thank God for the many blessings He's blessed me with and the wonderful people He's placed in my life. I just finished watching a video on Facebook of a 22 yr old recent graduate known as lauralee patrika who escaped an accident today on the motorway in America and gave a testimony of how God delivered her when her tyres had span around and her car was facing the opposite direction on the motorway so that she found herself directly facing big trucks when suddenly she said to God, "Lord  help me please" and her car, without touching the steering moved straight away from the road unto the side in safety.

This reminded me of a few weeks back in January when my friend, sister and I were heading for church in our friend's brand new car and I was telling her about a car accident that occurred when I was driving with my cousin to the shopping centre to get groceries on the 30th of December 2013. Whiles explaining the incident our car started overspeeding. I began to think the driver (my friend) should slow down but before I realised the car had gone so fast in a bid to enter the roundabout that it nearly spun off the bridge we were on... I sat there quietly for a few mins reminiscing on the many  ways this could have turned out fatal and praying to God and thanking him for deliverance from this very clear and fatal accident that it could have been had it not been for Him who had delivered us that day. 

God has spared my life and your life but many at times we forget and moan to God about the things that we don't have, but if we are dead, what does it matter then if we have everything... Like the bible says, what shall it profit a man if he gains the WHOLE world and LOSES his soul?...Mark 8:36- Clearly NOTHING...

Let us start being more thankful for our lives and for what God has given us. The girl in the video was on her way to choir practice when it happened and she stated how she had praised God right after and  was going to praise God like never before when she went to church on Sunday and no one would stop her. This reminded me of a video I was watching of Bruno Mars at the Super Bowl  yesterday, and I thought to myself, "look how these people are just jumping with ALL their strength and are so excited for mere songs that a mere man has sang yet when we go to church, we find ourselves being so diplomatic and not praising God with all our might like David did. Imagine if we had the same attitude as these people at the Super Bowl but in the presence of God. What a terribly mighty breakthrough we would experience just because we praised. And so henceforth, let us all including myself practice an attitude of thanksgiving and praise to God because He sure does deserve more than many including myself give Him


Friday, 3 January 2014

2013 LESSONS FOR 2014

Happy New Year lovelies!!!
It's a brand new year .... 
2013 went a bit faster than I usually think each year or maybe it's just me. I've heard quite a few comments from people saying how much they enjoyed last year and looking forward to the exciting things 2014 is going to bring them. Whereas there are also the few who said that 2013 was the worst year of their lives with it's very challenging situations which they had to face. Mine was a mixture of the two. There were many brilliant moments last year like the new addition to our family and spending time with this one person.... But there were also times that I struggled with many personal issues which I had never dealt with in the past. Through them all, I have become much stronger and have learnt some lessons which I hope to apply to my life in the coming future. Here are a few!


1. Forgiveness is difficult when you look at the one who offended you.

2. When you forgive others, it shows that you love yourself and are actually doing yourself a favour.

3. Not everyone who comes into your life as a friend actually is a friend, open your eyes. 

4. Some people come into your life as a lesson, learn them.

5. When people leave, it is for your own good even though it might not seem like it at first.

6. Listen to your inner man, he will always tell you the truth.

7. God always speaks to us, be attentive and listen.

8. Be true and truthful to yourself and others ALWAYS, it will benefit you in the end.

9. Have the courage to let go of things that do not grow you or serve you.

10. You are worth more, don't let circumstances and people determine your worth.

11. You are good enough, always

12. Be happy, Build yourself, Learn yourself and Grow yourself

13. Learn from your mistakes, though they might seem expensive and painful, they are always good ways to grow so don't be afraid to make them.

14. Live, Love, Forgive and Learn

15. Let go of the past

16. The best moments in life are those moments when we totally let go and just live.

I hope you've picked up a few pointers from my list so far. God is full of surprises and I'm very much looking forward to what He has in store for me this year.