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Saturday, 14 January 2012

My Little trip to Amsterdam

This title just came to my head and I thought I'd just update my blog. How are you guys doing...It's the14th day of the new year and I hope you are doing great as well as still holding on to your resolutions.

So I spent the new year in Holland with my family and returned on the 6th back to England. It was a really nice trip because I got to sit in the ferry for the first time, pass by France (Calais) and Brussels. I was planning on telling my friends that I actually went to those countries but I realised that was one too far lol so I thought I'd leave it.  Nevertheless I let them know about my passing by. Here are a few pics from my trip..enjoy

Meatballs from the petrol station @ Brussels

My sister and I

Amsterdam City Centre...So Beautiful!

Yummy Hot Dogs...mmm...(excuse the chipped nail)

A shop in Amsterdam

The ferry Back to England


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