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Saturday, 3 November 2012


So today is Sunday the 4th of November, a few more weeks to the end of the year, then 2013 begins. At the start of this year, I decided to make resolutions like everyone else because I felt like a new beginning had just arrived like I do at the start of every year lol. Anyway, I made a few resolutions and I thought I'd update you guys on my progress even though I would have been better off updating you monthly just so we could check each other's progress. Either way, I'm here now, so I'll get on with it.

Here are the original resolutions I made and the progress I made with them. 

1. Save money- £500- Saved £800 and spent it all so I'm back to square 1 lol

2. Learn Spanish- Purchased a Spanish book and have been studying nearly everyday

3. Work harder- Graduated from university so I guess I tried

4. Get a Job- Got one in June, starting a new one on December 3rd

5. Get a phone- Have a Sony ericsson xperia arc now so not bad

6. Sleep early= 12:00pm- I was ok for the first few weeks, then everything fell apart lol

7. Manage my time properly- Got a Diary which has been very useful so far

It seems that so far, my money saving skills have been good but keeping what I've saved isn't my forte yet.
My job attainment skill is gradually falling into place but a little more work would do me some good.
As for sleeping early, only God knows lol... I need to sort myself out- a bit of strong will might do me some good at this point
Time management skill still  needs a bit more work but so far so good.

It appears these might not be the most inspiring new year's resolutions ever. Either way it was something to put on my to-do list and tick off and so far, it's been alright.

What is ONE of your new years resolutions and how have you been coping with it?


  1. Those are actually reasonable resolutions! You tried your best to attained them and can only do better next time. I actually didn't have any specific resolution, but I could have done better.

  2. You resolutions are great! I'm so bad at saving money too lol

  3. One of my New Year's Resolution was to keep a diary and I have been doing great with that so far! I also wanted to read the Bible daily and I am glad to say even though I fell off a few times, I have been consistent. This is my most consistent year so far!

    1. kudos to you... its always nice to know that something has gone right :)

  4. LOVE this! Like you, I too start early!



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