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Friday, 21 June 2013


Who around here is familiar with my title for today? Well if none of you will admit it, I will.
Today, my sister has gone out to run a few errands as she does on fridays, the one day she genuinely gets to chill at home these days. So I lie in bed after an early shift to get some rest and I decide to check my facebook as well as my other websites (i.e facebook, blogger, yahoo then back to facebook, then I start all over again plus the ocassional tumblr; I haven't checked that one yet but I will do in a second lol).

I put on some Ghanaian spirit tunes on youtube and start to pray a little. But then one negative thought just pops into my head and I think, "i'll just brush it off". My mini prayer stops for a second then I go back on my facebook, then my blogger lol.

I check a few statuses and one says, "God is shifting your season. The drought is over! The famine has ended and now it's harvest time". As soon as I finish reading, I hear that little negative voice say something along the lines of "That's what they usually say, but it never really changes" But then I remember that God has given me the job I have now and God has done so much, I just don't pause to recollect them in that instant.

Then another moment of mini prayer ensues and after that I find myself beginning to sink back into worry as I have noticed myself doing these days when I'm alone. There is a saying that goes, "the devil has work for idle hands". Not that I am completely idle because I have deliberately laid down to rest and soak myself with my music but I've noticed that whenever I am alone these days, that is when I get overwhelmingly bombarded.

One time I allowed negative thoughts to overwhelm me so much so that the things I said I'm definitely sure did not sound pleasant in God's ears but He has forgiven me still so I move on. I know it is completely bad so today as soon as I found myself beginning to do this, I decided to write and pray about it instead.

I nearly shed a tear some minutes ago and I thought why not put it in words on here. I seem to be beating about the bush with this and now I've almost forgotten the reason for my topic

Oh yeah I just remembered. I mean to say that in times when we are being bombarded by thoughts from the enemy, let us not sink into worry like I have done many times, but rather make it a point to pray and tell God all our worries. He cares more than you and especially I know, yet for some reason I seem to think otherwise when I have asked sometimes and the answer has not yet come.
God is in charge of my life and everything works together for my good. 

So in conclusion, let's start to pray instead of sit and worry.... lol like you did not see that coming.

Adios amigos!!!!


  1. Cuteypie Blog :) ... mwaaa always got thee cutest things on here xoxo

  2. love this. prayer really helps


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