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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Hold on or Let go

So I was reading Texttextiles's update on " Emili Sande...walk away" and it was a song that talks about relationships and knowing when to let go and move on... I didn't really pay attention to the song but all I remember is this comment. So I just thought of the times that we have wanted certain things to happen so badly especially in relationships/ friendships so we go the extra mile even when the other person does not seem to care as much. So there is me sitting there thinking, "I guess I need to let go now and move on". But then I watch lauryn Hill's Speech and she makes a slight comment about serving others and Loving others even when we do not recieve anything back which Christ has already made clear but i guess sometimes we or maybe I forget. So basically, the time that we show true love is when we love others regardless of them not paying attention or acting like they care ....or whatever else they may do.

So the MORALE of the Story is "LOVE one another REGARDLESS....:-)


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