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Friday, 29 July 2011

"Be Useful" by majorsteps

So i was going through my blog subscriptions as usual and I came across majorsteps' update on being useful...I thought I'd share it....why not!!

Hope u r inspired coz I am...

Be Useful!

"Be Useful to someone esp. when you have nothing to do...try and be a blessing unto someone because at almost every point in your life, you are a solution to someone's problem...Unless you find the reason you were put here on earth, you cannot live a purposeful life. Identify what you can do to help people in all situations... E.g.You know you may be a kettle but unless you boil water, you are useless(not serving your purpose)....what is it you think you are supposed to be doing here on earth? identify what it is....Usually, the answer is in things you do that you do not mind not being paid for and serve others in that area...You are guaranteed more fulfillment and happiness that way than any other way you choose to live your life...if you doubt this, try and find your purpose and see if you do not feel fulfilled and validated....I DARE YOU!!!!! "

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  1. thanks for the mention...I'm glad you are inspired:)


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