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Thursday, 23 August 2012


So I just commented on FunTo's post on "Read the bible...Part of a check-list? and I figured I'd take my own advice so I thought I'd share with you guys...

"I admit sometimes my quiet time becomes a "to do" list in my head which I have to tick and I feel guilty when its not done so I've found myself sometimes doing it just for the sake of it. But I realise that the moment I take my time, relax and just enjoy reading and praying, it becomes more of a genuine way to spend time with God. So I guess all I'm saying is, just make time for God in your relationship. It might take some time to set up a specific time but God is always there and we just have to enjoy being in His presence and not make it seem a duty.. (wow I think I'll take my own advice lol)"

So yh, do you guys ever feel that way sometimes and how have you gone about dealing with it?


  1. Thanks for stopping by the blog Sis! And thanks for the contribution. I like what you say "it might take some time to set up a specific time" because man, don't I know it. But I guess sometimes a little flexibility wouldn't hurt. Yesterday, the time I'd told myself was for God was somewhat interrupted and it was hard to do it after. I pray to learn flexibility. Amen. Thanks for ur honesty!

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